GPeM Vintage Tee Red
GPeM Vintage Tee Red
GPeM Vintage Tee Red
GPeM Vintage Tee Red
GPeM Vintage Tee Red


GPeM Vintage Tee Red

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Limited 'The VIntage Edition' GPeM T-Shirt in beige mit rotem Gian Paulo e Marco- Print

Das neueste T-Shirt der Gian Paulo e Marco - Kollektion in limitierter Stückzahl. Das T-Shirt ist in einem hellen beige/off-white Ton mit dem begehrten Gian Paulo e Marco Print in rot auf der linken Brust in klein und großem Backprint. Das T-Shirt gibt es auch mit einem hellblauen Print.

Alle T-Shirts sind unisex, aus Bio-Baumwolle in Europe gefertigt und mit wasserbasierten Druckfarben bedruckt (diese lösen sich aber natürlich nicht beim waschen).

Material: 100% Organic Cotton

About Tatti Bar

The Tatti and GPeM Bar are two of the best spots in Stuttgart Nightlife and also a very nice place to meet and have a coffee at daytime.

The tees were first made for the staff to be easily recognized in the often packed first small bar, but it didn't take long until' more people wanted one for themselves...soon the first pictures came up with people wearing their tatti tee surfing in bali, hiking in the mountains and with not wearing anything but the tee on their amour trip to paris..and the story begun and by now the tees have been seen pretty much everywhere in the world.
Small front print on the left chest with the famous GIAN PAULO E MARCO print in red and bigger version of the same print on the back. Same style is available with a light blue print.
The T-Shirts are available in men sizes S-XXL, it's true to size & unisex, most women wear a mens' small or medium for an even more relaxed fit, or even a XL for a t-thirt dress look.
The collection is produced in Europe and the t-shirt is made  from 100% organic cotton.