Engelberg Sefko

ENGELBERG SEFKO is composed of the two names and surnames of the founders. Arandjelovic is serbian and derived from "Sveti Arandjel". The name embodies the protective saint, in german Engel. Berg comes from the turkish surname Akdag. Translated is the name "bright mountain“. Sefko is also a word play of the founders Sefa and Branko. The result is the company name.
Embraces a wide spectrum of the wardrobe and is reflected in classic, chic, casual and clean lines with high-quality materials. In order to please the high quality standards, Engelberg Sefko has made its passion to produce a limited quantity of its products, in its own studio in germany.
The brand represents a synonym for strength, stability, purity and timelessness, and embodies the owner with a pleasant as well as positive feeling.

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