BLM - our belief

We - the Geschwisterliebe staff - are a diverse group of people with different ethnical backgrounds, genders, political beliefs, religions (or none), sexual orientation etc. - united by the love for fashion, art & retail and the strong belief that all humans, better all life on earth, is unique and should be treated with respect; therefore we stand with everybody demanding peace, justice and equal rights for all people and it was therfore clear that we stand with the black lives matter movement as well (no matter where..)


Geschwisterliebe meets art

The Geschwisterliebes' network and space for young artists and designers in Stuttgart. After the latest renovation of our interior, we wanted to increase the nouveau esprit of our store, opening our space to collaborations with artists, designers and creatives. We are open to receive any proposal that can fit in the Geschwisterliebe’s style! For sending your idea or getting more info, please write to: